MKZ – the best vegan food in Amsterdam

Ya, so the squat thing works like this:  it’s a neighbourhood space that a bunch of creative people “take over” and then something (usually cool) happens – if you luck out there’s also good food involved.  At MKZ they sell a 3-course vegan meal to you for 5 Euros and no one has to wash plates like at Mollies in de Pijp (blegh) or at OT301 (also not great). All the money goes to a feeding scheme and the food is spec-tac-ular. They serve a vegan carrot cake that comes close to my mother’s mince pies (close) and a mustard seed soup that was subtle enough not to scare people and quirky enough without overdoing it. 5 euros hardly gets you a decent wiener in this town, so ya, I recommend MZK. MKZA lot.
mustard soup

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